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Explore Advanced SIP Hardware Solutions with Quintergy

Quintergy offers a comprehensive selection of SIP-compatible hardware to enhance your communication infrastructure. From basic SIP phones for utility spaces to sophisticated conferencing systems with video and integrated projectors, our portfolio includes top-quality products from leading brands like Yealink and Fanvil. 

Whether you’re equipping a small office or a large enterprise, our diverse hardware options are designed to meet every need and budget.

Our SIP Hardware Offerings:

Convert your existing analog phone systems to modern SIP-based phones with our expert use of 3CX PBX systems. Enjoy the enhanced features and usability of digital telephony tailored to your business needs.

Increased functionality, scalability, and reduced costs on phone system maintenance and call charges.

Legacy Fax Support

  • Continue using your existing fax machines with our systems designed to integrate legacy technology with modern telephony solutions.
  • Allows gradual transition without disrupting existing business processes that rely on fax.

VoIP Fax Server

  • Migrate your fax communication to a VoIP fax server that converts incoming faxes to PDF and automatically emails them to a predetermined address.
  • Enhances efficiency, reduces paper waste, and streamlines your communication processes.

Provide a wide range of SIP telephones and related equipment to suit various business environments, from basic models for everyday use to advanced systems for complex needs.

Equip your team with the latest in telephony technology, optimized for high performance and reliability.

Manage complicated call routing with sophisticated software solutions that ensure calls are efficiently distributed according to your business rules and needs.

Improve customer service with smart call distribution, reduce wait times, and optimize staff availability.

Leverage our SIP Trunking solutions to reduce telecommunication costs and simplify the management of incoming and outgoing calls.

Cost savings over traditional telephony, scalability to adjust as your business grows, and enhanced disaster recovery capabilities.

Ready to Upgrade Your Business Telephony?

The integrated projector solution provided by Quintergy has transformed our conference room into a dynamic meeting space.

Why Choose Quintergy for Your SIP Hardware?

Quintergy is committed to providing high-quality, reliable SIP hardware solutions that cater to the diverse needs of modern businesses. 

Our expert team is on hand to help you select the right products to enhance your communication systems, ensuring compatibility, scalability, and seamless integration.

“Quintergy’s range of SIP phones has revolutionized the way we communicate within our office. The clarity and reliability are unmatched.”


“The integrated projector solution provided by Quintergy has transformed our conference room into a dynamic meeting space.”


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