Are You Ready For Next Gen 911?

Next-gen 911 revolutionizes emergency response, integrating advanced technologies for faster,
more efficient, and comprehensive assistance

Streamlining Services and Fostering Progress in Modern Public Entities.

Government entities play a pivotal role in delivering essential services,
ensuring public welfare and progress.

What’s Is Next Gen 911?

Next Generation 911 aims to improve emergency services by establishing a quicker and more robust system. This system will facilitate the seamless transfer of various forms of digital information such as voice, photos, videos, and text messages from the public through the 911 network, and ultimately to first responders. Moreover, NG911 will empower 911 call centers with the capability to reroute 911 calls to other centers. This feature is particularly beneficial in managing situations of call overflow, responding to disasters, and conducting routine transfers of 911 calls to different jurisdictions.

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Services Sectors

Quintergy takes pride in offering services to a wide range of government entities, including local, state, and federal levels. Our clientele encompasses PSAP Emergency Service Facilities, Departments of Emergency Management, as well as Sheriff’s Offices and Fire Departments.

Law Enforcement

We specialize in supplying law enforcement with advanced technology, supporting their roles in crime prevention, law enforcement, and maintaining public order. This is one of the key sectors we serve, aiding officers in their community-focused duties.

Fire and Rescue Services

Our company focuses on equipping Fire and Rescue Services with advanced technology, enhancing their emergency responses and life-saving missions, while supporting the critical work of firefighters and rescue personnel.

Emergency Medical Services

Our company offers tailored technological solutions to Emergency Medical Services (EMS), boosting their efficiency in medical emergencies and supporting the essential work of EMS professionals in saving lives and providing critical care.

Emergency Management

We deliver cutting-edge technology solutions to Emergency Management and 911 services, aiding in their effective crisis response and coordination. This supports the pivotal roles of emergency professionals in handling and responding to critical situations efficiently.

Public Works

Innovative technology solutions for Public Works departments are a key part of our offerings, enhancing their ability to manage infrastructure and community services effectively, and supporting the dedicated professionals who maintain and improve our public spaces and facilities.


We provide state-of-the-art technology to educational institutions, enhancing the learning environment and supporting the vital roles of educators in shaping the minds of future generations, while also ensuring a safe and efficient school operation

What We Do

As a technology company, we specialize in servicing both Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) and 911 trunk lines, ensuring their optimal performance and reliability in communication networks.

  • Design, Build and Maintain Resilient, Robust IT Systems, Power, Network, Servers, Storage Back-up and Security
  • Building and Maintaining Systems With Near 100% Up-Time

Safety first.

As a technology leader, we provide robust network security solutions tailored for public entities like sheriff’s offices, schools, and government bodies. Our services are designed to combat ransomware and other cyber threats, ensuring your data and communication systems are always safe and reliable. Trust us to safeguard your digital infrastructure, so you can focus on your vital public responsibilities.

Sectors We Support

Our services are specifically designed for a broad spectrum of public entities and businesses.

We focus on delivering bespoke solutions that cater to the unique requirements of each sector we serve. From modernizing technology in schools and government offices to enhancing communication systems in sheriff’s departments and jails, our expertise is in providing secure, efficient, and industry-standard compliant services. 

Health Care




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