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Advanced PBX Software Solutions with 3CX by Quintergy

Quintergy’s PBX software solutions, powered by 3CX, offer a comprehensive communication system designed to streamline both internal and external communications across any business size or sector. 

With web-based management, robust user roles, and extensive features from call handling to video conferencing, our 3CX solutions enhance connectivity and boost productivity. Suitable for small sites to multi-site installations, our flexible deployment options include on-premise setups or hosting in our own datacenters

Features and Benefits of 3CX PBX Software:

Easily manage your phone system from anywhere using a web interface. Customize access with distinct roles like system owner, administrator, user, receptionist, department admin, and manager.

Enhances administrative efficiency and allows for tailored access and control, streamlining operations and reducing complexity.

Built-in video conferencing and chat capabilities facilitate easy collaboration and communication among teams, regardless of their location.

Reduces the need for third-party conferencing tools, with secure and integrated options that save time and enhance workflow.

Broadcast messages easily with paging features or coordinate across various office locations as if they were one.

Improves internal communication and ensures that important announcements reach all relevant parties promptly.

From a few users at a single site to thousands across multiple locations, 3CX scales to meet your business needs without requiring significant additional investments.

Future-proofs your investment and supports business growth without the need for frequent system replacements or upgrades.

Choose to host your PBX system on-premise or take advantage of Quintergy’s secure datacenter hosting.

Offers flexibility to meet specific security, compliance, or operational needs; reduces in-house infrastructure costs if hosted.

Ready to Elevate Your Business Telephony?

Elevate your business communication capabilities with Quintergy’s 3CX PBX solutions. Contact us today to discover how our sophisticated and scalable phone systems can meet your dynamic needs.olutions can revolutionize your communication systems and help save costs.

Why Choose Quintergy 3CX PBX Solutions?

Quintergy is not just a provider but a partner in transforming your business communications. 

Our expertise with 3CX software ensures you get the most out of your PBX system, with full support and customization available. Opt for Quintergy to leverage powerful, scalable, and efficient communication solutions that grow with your business

“3CX from Quintergy has revolutionized how we handle calls and collaborate internally. The web-based management and client apps keep everyone connected, no matter where they are.”


“The scalability of the 3CX system has been pivotal as our company expanded from one location to multiple across the country.”


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